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Greetings from WOODRINGS GSP KENNELS - home of quality gun dogs. Our favorite dog is the German Shorthair Pointer, but really, we like all bird dogs and we love upland bird hunting - whether we’re hunting Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, or the explosive and elusive Ruffed Grouse or the gentleman timberdoodle (Woodcock).

This site was created for several reasons, mostly so that people can become familiar with Woodrings GSP Kennels, but also to serve as a meeting place for people who share our passion for excellent bird dogs and great hunting. We would also like it to be a place where people can come for training advice, look at photos, and find interesting links related to upland hunting and gear, find a new hunting partner (dog or human) and various other reasons. Our hope is to especially cater to upland bird hunters in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. This site is a continual work in progress - feel free to look around and visit us often.

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Fall is here and it is our favorite time of the year. It conjures up all kinds of thoughts, stirs the soul, evokes memories: the anticipation of all the “opening days” that the hunting season has to offer, the perfect time to start a pup - developing a future hunting buddy for years to come, the beating sound of wings and the cackle of birds as they take flight from the golden grasses of your favorite field or the explosive, thundering sound of grouse in thick cover, the joy of listening to a college football game on the radio while driving to your favorite hunting spot. There’s all the little nuances too like a warm sweater on a cool evening, hot coffee, warm apple cider, and pumpkin pie. There are the memories too: hunting that favorite spot that brings back to mind an amazing shot, a beautiful “trophy”, past hunts whose greatest trophies are the memories of family and friends who made the day special, some who are still with us and some who are not. It’s no wonder this time of the year is known as the Thanksgiving season. Thanks to Brad Reiter for the picture he sent me of his new pup “Raker”. Who knows what’s going on in the mind of Raker in this picture - but I’d like to imagine he’s contemplating his next Autumn adventure - I know I am!

Woodrings GSP Kennels wishes all the new owners of the pups from our 2015 litter best wishes on your future hunting adventures.

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If you look around our web site you will notice that it advertises our dogs as “Quality Gun Dogs”, “Intelligent, Hard Hunting, Family Friendly”, “Our dogs make our POINT!”, and so on. Our kennel strives to live up to our stated goals of producing excellent bird dogs and sometimes I get e-mails from customers that just blow me away. Case in point - I just received an e-mail and a photo from Nick - a fellow who purchased one of the pups from my 2014 litter. The pups name is Khalee and she just turned 13 weeks old. Nick took Khalee out on opening day and here is what he wrote to me in the e-mail, words are verbatim, Today went well. She got us 4 pheasants and a bunny. Hunted her for about 3 hours. Not too bad for a 13 week old puppy. She pointed every bird we shot today.” Nick had a lot to do with this pups success - his time invested in helping her be her best - working her on birds, etc. But still, here is a pup I am proud to say came from my program. Thanks to Nick for the e-mail and a job well done - you are well on your way to many more years of great opening days and all the ones in between!

Woodrings   GSP’S Get  the  Point!

Many thanks to Nathan Berry for providing this Christmas pic. Nathan & his brother Austin purchased two “brothers” from our 2014 litter. What a beautiful pair of dogs!!